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I have a consistent history of high-quality creative and non-fiction writingjournalismcopyeditingcopywritingsubeditingproofreading, photo editing, page layout and web-page editing (click on the links for some basic definitions). I have more than 14 years' experience in professional publishing as a staff writer and freelancer. I can provide every writing service you need to an exemplary standard – on time and with aplomb.

Below are my standard rates but please feel free to contact me directly
for accurate quotes on your project or task:

Copyediting: from £30 per hour or £0.035 per word

Sub-editing: from £25 per hour or £0.03 per word

Proofreading: from £20 per hour or £0.025 per word

Photo editing (Photoshop): from £50 per hour

Page layout (InDesign): from £250 per day 

For a detailed quote regarding your
project or task, write to me at 

or ring me on +44 7818 822294.