• David Callahan

My Water Pipit species profile is now online and free to view

"Winter and early spring is often the best time for tracking down some of Britain's scarcer avian visitors, and among the most anticipated is Water Pipit Anthus spinoletta. This connoisseur's 'little brown job' winters south of a line between Fort William and Loch Ness, though by far the majority are in England and Wales. Indeed clusters around the inner Severn Estuary, the Dorset and Hampshire coastline, the outer Thames estuary complex and East Anglian coast mean most are to be found in southern England. It seemingly numbers no more than about 200 individuals, according to the British Trust for Ornithology's Bird Atlas 2007-11."

Originally published in Birdwatch magazine in March 2018, you can read more at: www.birdguides.com/articles/focus-on-water-pipit/ ...


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