• David Callahan

Balancing act

This month's Birdwatch magazine features my lengthy interview with Tony Juniper, the current chairperson of Natural England. I asked him how he believed he has fared during the first year of his tenure, as well as canvassing the opinions of well-known activists in UK conservation as counterbalance.

In fairness, it is only the first year and he has achieved a precarious balance between several major vested interests during that time. However, conservationists expecting a more radical overhaul of an organisation that has been seen as somewhat of a puppet of government in some quarters have expressed disappointment. Hopefully the interview gives Tony the respect he is due while not flinching from the essential criticisms that had to be made.

Read it in full in the magazine, which remains on sale until the last Thursday of March in most large newsagents and supermarkets – or in the pdf below:

Tony Juniper_BirdwatchMar20
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