• David Callahan

A life on the Kiwi waves

Just before the pandemic, I went on several pelagic seabird watching trips off the coasts of New Zealand in the early Austral spring in November 2019.

All were even more exciting than I expected, providing intimate views of charismatic species of albatross, petrel, shearwater and prions – dream birds I had yearned to see from childhood. Being on a fragile craft out on the Pacific was a truly engaging experience in itself, but the act of seeing primal pelagic birds up close is a birdwatching event that is hard to top. Most of the photos are mine, too.

You can read about it in the May issue of Bird Watching magazine, which is in all large high-street newsagents (and some small ones!) or can be ordered here.

Travel_Birding in New Zealand
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